Hydrating Gel

Hyaluronic Acid _ Collagen_, etc., especially suitable for loose skin and dry skin, after use in the skin basement skin, the lock Water, activation,

So that the skin full and bright, there is the effect of tightening the skin to activate, known as the most natural【skin beauty products holy】.

This product is a special hyaluronic acid product. It is different from other Hyaluronic acid products as it contains N-Acetylglucosamine which can inhibit neutrophils. The production of free radicals, which can inhibit skin tissue damage and inflammation. It also enhances Collagen in the inner layer of the skin. This will relieve the dry skin and resist the external environment of the infection. The formation of polysaccharides increases the number of stem cells, resulting in improved acne, age spots, acne and multiple sclerosis skin. It promotes skin refreshment, keep water and precious nutrients infiltrated the basal layer of the skin.

‧ Hyaluronic acid

Water retention is the first of the natural moisturizing factor, can accelerate the penetration of the effective ingredients of all skin care products, and repair damaged skin

‧TGM + Fac 2 + Nutritional Trace Essence

After the complete absorption of the already horny metabolism of the surface layer of rapid peeling, to maintain normal circulation


To prevent large pores, aging and skin relaxation, long-term use of astringent capillary effect

‧All leaf aloe vera gel

Moisturizes the skin, effectively relieve irritated skin

‧ Perfect Marine Essence

Deep seaweed produced by the seaweed, a good skin moisturizer, the absorption of oxygen in the air effect

‧ Lemon essence + pectin nutrition group

Rich in vitamin C can inhibit melanin growth, anti-free radicals and premature aging of the skin and dilute the fine lines

‧ morning and evening, take a very thin amount of net after rub the whole face, no massage, water than make-up water

‧ Deep penetration of pores to promote cell membrane absorption

‧Can break down and remove heavy metals such as lead, automobile grease and so on

‧Can completely clean skin pores, so that the natural ingredients of nutrients completely absorbed

‧Enhanced compactness, health and bright colors

The full-face dosage of this product is only one peanut size each time, adopt progressive absorption effect better

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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