Q: When was Paulina TCT first created and used?

The first  formula in TCT  was created over 20 years ago by a world-class team of scientists and doctors in French.

Q: What were its initial intended purposes?

It was created to be the most powerful lightening skin and reduce age spot nourishing skin agent . However, due to its amazing ability to help problem skin it has had extensive use in the health care industry.

Q: What makes Paulina TCT so much different than any other skin care products?

First of all, it’s important to understand how a typical lightening skin works. Generally, all so called lightening work by simply covering the skin with a thin film apply after using your favorable serum oil.   You will see the significant difference skin change in a few week.  Besides the product work effectiveness, our product name is lightening cream will be able to use 4 months just for using 15ml quantity.  This is much different than any other skin care product and only we carried this unique product. Paulina TCT is vastly different for one main reasons. First our formula is solid with just 15ml can be used 4 months. Temperature Control Technology(TCT)  is capable of using a thin film after using you prefer to use serum or moisturize which cause Paulina TCT in quick and deep absorption to against free radical.

Q: Is Paulina TCT suitable for all skin types?

Whether your skin is dry, oily or a combination of both, this formula works on all skin types.

Q: How long will it take before I will see results using Paulina TCT?

Sometimes impressive results occur within the first few days of use. However, keep in mind that Paulina TCT works over time. New skin cells may take weeks to appear on the surface of the skin. While fast results are common, the most impressive and lasting changes occur over time with continued use.

Q: What makes the Paulina TCT delivery system so special?

In order for any delivery system to be effective, it has to be able to absorb into the skin. Most skin care products do nothing more than ride on the surface. The highly developed delivery system in AG allows for quick, almost instant absorption.

Q: What are the cosmetic/appearance benefits I can expect by using Paulina TCT ?

It has been medically proven that the loss of important proteins in the skin contributes to the aging process. By nourishing the skin with the necessary  good ingredients , the skin can do a much better job of its own maintenance for  discoloration can dramatically improve in appearance in a period of short time.

Q: Is there any sunscreen function in Paulina TCT Lightening Cream Products?

Yes. the Paulina TCT base formula does not contain specific ingredients to prevent  UVA and UVB from sun damage. However, Paulina TCT lighten cream formula with a important ingredient call Titanium which can help skin product age spot.  Paulina TCT are designed to  nourish your skin. Sunscreen is an important part of taking care of your skin. Therefore, you may apply the sunscreen of your choice as needed

Q: What if I have more questions about Paulina TCT or it’s usage?

You may  email Paulina TCT costomer service at coustomerservice@findco.com to one of our knowledgeable representatives or visit us www.paulinatctkle.com

Q:What advantage your Lightening Cream has comparing with the other similar product on the market? What specific ingredient or technology does the product has which bring a rapid positive result to the skin.

This product contains only natural ingredients for a safer and effectiveness approach.

Q:How does your Lightening Cream bring the best effective result?

It provides a unique combination of ingredients to support healthy cellular function and against ultra ray from sunlight .

Q: Who can be benefited from using the Lightening Cream?

All people age between 18~70 will be fine for using lightening product.  Sensitivity skin need to be test under arm for 30 minutes to ensure no rash occur.

Q: Why is Lighten Cream a safe product to use?

It contains a blend of natural ingredients with an excellent safety profile and without containing chemical and paraben as well. Plus, this product is made in U.S.A under U.S. FDA oversight.  Lightening cream has examined by SGS and grant approval certification from China FDA in Jan 24, 2014.

Q: How to best use the Lightening Cream product?

Lightening cream can be combined with any others brand skin care serum or moisturizer product use. Using lightening cream after using serum or moisturizer.

Q: Where would I be able to purchase Paulina TCT-KLE products?

To purchase, please go to our selected authorized retailers i. e.  Spa, beauty salons, and cosmetic/beauty consultants. Customers can purchase authentic Paulina TCT-KLE products through those channels . Customers may also log on to www.paulinatctkle.com to inquire about the nearest authorized retailer.

Q: If purchasing your product, does your product have insurance coverage?

yes, all of the products from Paulina TCT-KLE are fully insured to protect our customers. When purchasing from our authorized retailers, all of our products are printed with barcodes on the outside package to prove the authenticity. Customers may go to these retailers for any after-sales service or alternatively go to our website and click on “Contact Us” for any additional inquiry or post-sales service.

Q: Why is Paulina TCT-KLE's product being priced at the same level as those other brand name products?

Paulina TCT-KLE products contains with natural ingredients extracted only from botanical plants. Whereas plants are difficult to foster hence the quantity is rather limited. Our products can dramatically improve the skin condition bringing incredible result. With the unique natural ingredients, it is considered as the high-end superior product. The product is also highly concentrated; therefore, just a small amount in usage will achieve great result. One bottle of our product can be used as 2 times the time of usage the other products offered. It is very cost effective.