Brightening Cleansing Cream

Natural and perfect marine essence, wheat germ through the rigorous screening of biological and chemical technology to extract the essence of activity, clean whitening double-effect once completed for any type of skin to use, to improve the acne, acne, large pores, spots and thick yellow skin, the skin is more Soft, tender, to maintain a delicate balance, distribution of bright youth.

This product is different from Fang Jian products, is the Daxi area Bora Bora Island around the sea, deep sea algae plant extracts for the appeal, can deep clean the skin deep dirt, the United States Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr.Lee use ultrasonic cleanser Coupled with the use of this product to prove that the black water that is amazing water cleansing effect.

remember! Whitening should start from the foundation, pay attention to the importance of cleansing.

Made of 28 days is the principle of skin keratinocytes to clean the skin, effective retreat scarring, melanin scarring, prevent fine lines, spots, light decomposition decomposition has been formed dark dark pigment, the whole muscle is neutral, long-term youth Pox dents, nourishing soft white repair smooth.

‧Activities of seaweed extract

Oxygen soft foam instantaneous decontamination and the formation of protective film

‧ Wheat germ

After moisturizing, moisturizing, high protection, bright white moist

• Integrated nutrient groups

Skin nutrients required, can be repaired, nourishing

‧ Energy refined water

Antarctic pollution-free refined water, hydrophilic good, no burden on the skin


Mild ingredients, sensitive skin does not feel stimulated

‧ Natural pearl powder

To prevent the metabolism of poor acne pox muscle, melanin scar spots, repair the skin

And general cleansing cream usage is completely different, according to the use of methods to ensure efficacy.

The face with warm water after the wet, a small amount of pressure to take the water to reconcile in the palm after the “deposited” in the face, pox muscle and oily skin for about 30 seconds, neutral skin about 15 seconds, dry, fragile, Seconds and then scrub, rinse with water can be.

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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