High Efficiency (Anti-Wrinkle Essence)

This product contains active compounds, can accelerate cell regeneration, prevent aging, dilute spots, so that skin renewal, smooth, soft, moist, more effective inhibition of melanin production, reduce pigmentation appear to prevent skin dull, containing micro-nutrients High antioxidant effect, protect the cell membrane quickly penetrate the bottom of the muscle, wipe the face quickly absorbed, recreating glossy skin.

High Efficiency Anti-Wrinkle Essence has an effect of anti-free radicals, moisturizing. Repairing, anti-aging. It has full range of precious essence, texture meticulously moist. It does not have oily feeling and it repairs aging. sensitive skin.

‧ Placenta Essential Hydrophilic Oil

Contains moisturizing ingredients PCA sodium, to prevent dehydration, dry skin, keep shiny moisture

• Morus alba L. extract

Purification of melanin melanin precipitation, mild, whitening effect, without stimulation

‧ Lecithin

Directly into the cell nucleus, activation of cells, re-cell life

‧ Natural nourishing polyphenols

By the fruit particles in the proposed polyphenol nutrition group composition, effectively make the skin resurrection, nourish and restore elasticity

‧ Moisturizing factor

A strong water-retaining ingredients, can make the skin full of vitality and moisture

• Refined water

Perfect Antarctic Marine Essence Huan white water, adjust the water balance, easy to absorb, so that the skin is soft and comfortable

‧ Can make fragile, allergy skin get repair, restore health

‧Drink the dry skin to get the necessary nutrition, prevent dehydration and dry skin to get moisture and comfort.

‧Generate aging, repair and activate skin

• Reduce muscle contraction and avoid wrinkles

‧ instant absorption, not greasy, keep shiny and moist

Every morning and evening two to three drops, drops at the fingertips, wipe the whole face

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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