Lightening Cream

(COLLAGEN) and moistening factor (MNF) and a variety of natural ingredients formed, it contains carbon and hydrogen element of the oil liquid, at very low temperature is not solidified, very gentle, human Body cells, especially skin cells produced by the subcutaneous fat was found to contain ingredients of squalene, like teens, subcutaneous fat contains the most amount of shark squalene, so during this period the skin is the most smooth and detailed, thus Squalene can be seen that cell activation, providing skin oxygen, purify the epidermis, remove wrinkles and dry skin is no doubt.

The elasticity of human skin, basically in 38 years old, has begun to go downhill, but the function of collagen in the people over 38 years old, still can maintain the thickness of the dermis layer of the skin, talk about not falling, more electricity Sun damage to the skin, so collagen has the ability to start the body’s own repair, re-organization of the skin from the internal structure, which play a great beauty beauty beauty.

Lightening Cream is a highly effective skin whitening cream. It inhibits melanin production from the source, and stops the accumulation of melanin. Also, it reduces formation of dark spots, lightens the skin, and strengthens kinetic energy of skin.

As this is not a chemical peeling product, therefore no skin peeling or swelling after use. It aims to improve the dullness of complexion, wax yellow, pigmentation, speckled, dull, uneven skin tone, treatment of pimples, acne scarring, and maintenance cream.

‧ Papaya enzyme group

Can be white, soothing, soft whitening skin

• Wheat germ oil

Instant moisture, adjust the amount of sebum secretion, anti-bacterial, anti-pox, reduce fine lines

• Mountain carotene

Contains rich vitamins and B group, enhance skin immune function, strengthen and delicate skin and sensitive antibodies

Seaweed active reductant

Seaweed contains a large number of anti-plaque, can inhibit and decomposition of melanin pigment, dilute spots, scars, skin, make skin smooth and bright

• Sheep Hydrophilic Fat

Anti-wrinkle anti-gravity

‧It can purify skin, decompose spots and scar, effectively treat coarse pores

‧Little the skin to improve moisture storage function, the whole muscle is neutral soft white, meticulous

‧Improve skin texture and eliminate skin dullness to improve skin tone

Balances the oil secretion, prevents the skin from being unclean but causes the acne which the pore causes, the blackhead acne, the pustule

‧Anti-UV and isolated air, in order to achieve fresh feeling

‧ This product can be used as a barrier cream or foundation

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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