Young Essential Liquid

High-purity plant essence, can effectively nutrition, moisture and activate the skin, for the lack of fat skin nutrition and deep moisturizing effects of the area to use.

Selection of skin care products should be unique to different climates. Skin caring is important in the United States due to its unique climate, especially the desert climate in Los Angeles and the coldness during winter in the East Coast. Without attention to skin caring, it will cause skin aging, allergy and dryness.

Young Essential Liquid maintains the best quality from research to production. In the process of production, it adopts the latest nanoparticles and production technology of low-temperature carbon dioxide extraction to produce the best products with active ingredients. It can moisturize, prevent wrinkle and anti-aging. It also maintains the health of your skin.

‧ Squalane oil

Can stimulate cell regeneration, increase cell youth value

‧ Borage oil

With a balance of the effectiveness of the skin with a calming effect

‧ Avocado oil

Contains a protein promoting factor, can increase RNA and protein synthesis and improve skin immunity

‧ Lecithin

Directly into the cell nucleus, activation of cells, re-cell life

• Aloe vera oil

Moisturizes the skin, effectively relieve irritated skin

Apricot kernel oil

A strong water-retaining ingredients, can make the skin full of vitality and moisture

‧Easy to penetrate, can make skin cells in the water and sebum balance state with oxygen and activated cells

‧ Non-irritating transparent liquid, is an excellent oxygen permeability of skin care products

• Promote skin metabolism, activate skin cells, and present healthy skin

‧Effectively prevent moisture loss, make skin more soft and shiny

‧Delay skin aging process, so that the skin appears uniform and detailed, effectively reduce wrinkles

Two to three drops a day sooner or later, at the fingertips, wipe the whole face and neck can be

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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