About the brand

Polina’s origin
Two hundred years ago, a small town on the Danube River in Austria, there is a garden manor, the owner of the family is very happy, he has a very lovely smart son John, John has a natural spirituality, Eyes alone can distinguish the varieties of flowers, in the town is a famous child prodigy.

John grew up to the city to go to college, this time he is already a small well-known craftsman, will use a variety of powder made of flowers, smear, let a woman shine. In the campus, John met the beautiful aristocratic Miss Polina, Polina is very fond of using John made powder, and each time the effect can be seen is John specifically designed for the Polina build. As time went on, the two fell in love.

Polina’s family in Austria at the time of the aristocracy, her daughter after graduation, the parents forcibly broke up the pair of lovers, literally push the Polina into the palace, married to the king.

In order to make the beloved woman in the palace as much as possible happiness, infatuation John opened a flower shop in the palace, because of superb technology, soon became the palace of the ladies exclusive suppliers. He just took advantage of this opportunity to provide fine powder perfume to his beloved woman. Sure enough, in such a careful care, Polina has an unparalleled beauty, the king is very fond of his queen.

Year after year, the twinkling of an eye twenty years later, the old king finally died, the queen bravely broke the tradition, overcome various obstacles, left the palace alone, back to John side, in order to avoid the secular eyes, Came to an elegant town famous for planting flowers and plants, and had a really want their own happy life. In order to commemorate the twenty years John stick for their own and her thoughts of John, they use John specifically designed for the wave Lina custom formula, continuous research, and after generations of generations of people to improve, and finally created a unique cosmetics brand – Polina Lifelike!