The doctor’s words

Generally recognized as the most polluted southern hemisphere, the French territory of Tahiti devaluation is the best, so there are printing and printing of regional crystal, planting crops. Fruit trees. Plants .., due to the different geological series, more than 3000 kinds of temperature, geology … In the effect of plants, although the composition is important, but the geological is more important is the mystery is the most important,

Quality pure soil is the future trend, such as the Brazilian candle tree transplanted to the southern hemisphere of Tahiti cultivation, wax effect produced by the wax, planting methods and geography, raw materials, texture will be completely different

The essence of the elements in the strange products extracted from the French Tahitian cultivated forest and the French pure pollution-free seaweed extract, the skin can be completely white, allowing the energy to produce its own transformation, especially free radicals and melatonin successfully From the basal layer to the surface decomposition, rapid release

The first stage: skin renewal, pore cleansing, cutin decomposition

The second stage: compact mentioned yen, wrinkles caused by the tender through the complete lock water

The third stage: Zhexia Huan Yan, take off class, restore white

Recently there have been some bold concern only cosmetic short-term effects, in the spot products to add excessive acid and some chemicals such as mercury. Lead … If you use a similar product, the face will appear red, peeling, although short-term or can see some of the effects, but it is basically a permanent damage to the skin, the consequences may be disastrous

The Paulina TCT-KLE series uses highly efficient nutrients from uncontaminated soils, which use TCT technology to accelerate the formation of skin cells and make the new generation of skin grow healthier and more dynamic. Therefore, the use of this series of products can be dispersed Spot bleaching, dark spots; dark skin removal, the face will be a new look, give you a fresh bright surprise